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Roronoa Zoro
13 April 2030 @ 06:23 am
[Character] Roronoa Zoro
[Canon] One Piece
[Player] Cam / zhadra_ahni
[RP] luceti
[AIM] cammehz
[Timezone] GMT -8 (Pacific Time U.S.)

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Roronoa Zoro
19 March 2020 @ 11:19 pm
This post is for one-on-one appointments and interactions with Zoro, basically when posting a separate log or journal entry for said interaction wouldn't be time-efficient or appropriate or whatever. So if he just needs poking for something he can be poked. :)b

[written], [voice/video], and [action] threads are all cool, just please be sure to mark both the [METHOD, (and) DATE] of interaction in the subject line so I can keep track of things, thanks.
Roronoa Zoro
24 October 2011 @ 05:01 am
[ Zoro has known something was off since he walked out of the misted edge of the forest for the third time and finally realized that his wings were gone. Not ripped out (or he'd probably be in a lot more pain, if not, y'know, dead), just...gone. Like they were never there—which they shouldn't have ever been, and fuck, maybe this means he's been sent back home?

He squints in consideration at the fog swirling around thick, ancient trunks, and taps a finger meditatively on Wadou Ichimonji's hilt. Seems like the kinda dark, empty place most people would find creepy-ish, he guesses. That lines up with the island he originally landed on, but if he's back in his own world, why does he still remember Luceti?

...Well, it doesn't matter. Either he's back home with his memories intact (a mixed blessing if he's ever heard of one; but maybe this way he can get to Marineford and change what's supposed to happen to Ace?), or else this is another goddamn experiment. Zoro is really,
really tired of those, and his eye twitches in irritation at the likelihood as he decides to just start walking...somewhere. There's a river, that means he should go right. Probably. Either way, he needs to find his nakama, so staying put isn't an option.

Nodding decisively, he turns left and sets off—except a weird flat thing falls off the haramaki around his waist (when did that even get there? 0_o) and makes a squashed-sounding
crunch and beep when he accidentally steps on it. ]

What the hell?

[Zoro blinks, and stoops momentarily to grab it. It's got a glowing screen, like something that should be hooked up to a visual Den Den Mushi, but it's tiny, and there doesn't seem to be any corresponding Snail. Zoro flips it around a few times, but although it looks like it's active, there's no video coming through.]


[ Welp. 8|a Only thing to do is press buttons. So Zoro hits all of them in the next minute or so, sending out random text messages and flashes of audio and video feed to pretty much everyone in Demeleier. Hi guys, he's new. >_>a]
Roronoa Zoro
12 October 2011 @ 02:16 am
HI LUCETI, please FRIEND REMOVE this journal if you're seeing this entry on your flist, because it's getting recycled! Thanks!
Roronoa Zoro
[There's a low half-growl in the background when the entry opens, a man's anger obscuring his words to near-unintelligibility - "...fucking cowardly thief, break into my house, I'll break your goddamn head" - which cuts off into oppressive silence... then Nami's voice, distinctly flat and weary.]

First off, whoever you are, you're an ass. You know who you are. [A raised voice interjects harshly] And make no fucking mistake, so will we soon enough.

Second, I'm offering five thousand dollars to whoever can supply information that leads to the arrest of thieves who broke into my home during the festival. [The vicious muttering pops up again mid-sentence - "Forget arresting, gonna fucking hunt them down - " ]

Zoro, shush. [And after a moment's pause, she speaks again, this time determinedly cheerful.] The harvest is still on. Nothing's changed. See you there.

[No further muttering from the swordsman, but the quality of the silence changes, and after a moment footsteps approach. There's a shifting, a hesitation like a breath drawn in to speak - another beat - then Zoro slams the journal shut.]

((OOC note: Zoro and Nami will be contacting the Luceti Valley police/law enforcement/whoever you guys are about the theft. :|b Also, they'll both be responding to threads on this entry, but I (Zoro-mun) probably won't be available tomorrow, so tags from Zoro will be delayed. o/))
Roronoa Zoro
31 January 2011 @ 04:20 am
Gone to the barrier, took the skeleton and the reindeer. Be back sometime, unless we break out. Don't drink my booze.

((OOC: Setting up hiatuses~ Zoro and Brook are finally going roadtripping to test the barrier, like Zoro's wanted to do since he got here. ...And they've absconded with Chopper, too >>. Zoro will have told Luffy, at least, about this in person before leaving. :Db Will reply as I find the time.))
Roronoa Zoro
11 January 2011 @ 11:15 pm
There's yet another guy stalking into town from being randomly dumped in the forest today—but this one isn't a New Feather. Zoro is shoes-less and dressed in white, yes, but he does have a shirt—and his three katana are hanging from his hip on a dirty white sash that looks like it was made from ripping off his shirt's long sleeves and tying them together.

His face is hard and flat as he stomps through the village toward home (the meandering walk may take him a while; the Malnosso must've moved the place sometime after they'd grabbed him—bastards)—oh, and said face is also bloody from multiple thin cuts. Longer, surgically precise lines of incision run along the lengths of his exposed arms. At some point, when the goosebumps are joined by shivers, he crosses his arms over his chest in reluctant concession to the damn cold and snow, and the pull has trickles of blood running from re-opened cuts. Streaks of red sticking his shirt and pants to his skin speak of similar wounds on his chest, back, and legs.

(He doesn't care, obviously. Every swordsman gets cut—it comes with the territory, and none of these hold a candle to the strikes he's taken in any serious fight, let alone the slash that left the scar still bisecting his body from shoulder to hip—yeah, they might as well not be there, for all the attention he pays these wounds.

So the tight look behind his blank face—it's not pain. It's fury, an impotent rage that comes of being snatched away from his crew by fucking droids and then dissected like a bug, drugged immobile, but not senseless, and unable to fight back.

And knowing that his nakama have undergone the same thing.

Fucking. Malnosso.) ]

((OOC: Feel free to run across him anywhere if you want, Zoro's powers of lost will keep him occupied for some time.))
Roronoa Zoro
04 December 2010 @ 06:43 pm
[What's this stealthy group of highly surreptitious rogues advancing on the house of the Vesperia cast with amazingly exaggerated covert movements? Why, it's the STRAW HAT PIRATES, of course (only slightly timeskipped >.>), approaching with CAT-LIKE TREAD! Their stealth is ninja-like—except not because ninjas are like elephants in a china-shop compared to how EPICALLY SILENT these pirates are!! Pay no mind to the whispering and hissed 'SHHHH's and exaggerated movements, nothing going on here! Sneaking, sneaking...okay, in position...!

And suddenly—





cut for video reference!Collapse )


((ooc note: Any other pirate types or police/law-enforcement types (TARANTARA TARANTARA) please feel free to join in on the verses! :DD This...may be a thread-jumping mess but it's crack WHO CARES))

((ooc note #2: Anybody—including residents of the house we are oh so stealthily sneaking on YES PLEASE—feel free to come WTF RU DOING at us in any number of threads, but be aware that we are way too sneaky for you and might just continue bellowing in stealthy, unnoticed harmony until the song is over >.>b))
Roronoa Zoro
30 October 2010 @ 01:47 am
[It's the day before Halloween. The costumes have gotten less and less amusing as they've started to shift and seem real, as the cries of friends have lured them to barrel out into the foggy night to return battered and without memory of it, as the hallucinations have started to tear at people, little by little.

Yeah, this damn experiment can be over and stop fucking with everyone now, thanks. -_-

So Zoro is pretty tired of it even before he opens his door in the morning and finds himself squinting down a dark stairwell that definitely, definitely shouldn't be there.]

What the...?

Cut for length! o/Collapse )

...Needless to say he'll be going more than a little crazy over the course of the day, winding tighter and tighter, and soon enough he'll be getting out of the house entirely, the house and all it's godfucking stairs.

Anyone who meets him while he's out and about—he's a dangerous guy on something of a hair-trigger, with a Darth Maul outfit and mask that seems to move far too much like a real face.

He'll return to the house the next morning, coming in out of the fog bloody and so disoriented that he'll lean his head against the front door briefly, trying to remember why it's a terrible, terrible idea to open it. ...It'll come back to him soon enough.

[OOC: Forward-dated, and will also encompass parts of Halloween itself, after the tent shows up in the plaza. Specifying when you come across him would be great, and anyone is welcome to while he's out! The parts at home are closed to people who would be inside the Straw Hat house at the time, however. ...A-also sorry for being slow on tags elsewhere, Halloween is crazy. *___* I'll get to them but I had to get this up before it was too late. orz]
Roronoa Zoro
27 September 2010 @ 04:38 am
[Completely hackable. >> In fact, Zoro's l33t locking puzzle is 'Pick a number between 1-100'. ...Looking at his swords, earrings, or username is cheating. 8|

He's kinda hoping this post will fly under his nakama's radar entirely. >_> But DAMMIT he's not taking this anymore. He's got to take ACTION.]

[Filtered 5% 18% AWAY from the Straw Hats; ...thanks Luffy >_>]

I need a divorce. Right away. Who knows how I can get one done?

((OOC: Tagging will happen after I sleeeeeep. orz))